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GRP ( Glass Fibre Reinforced Polyester) Pipe
EBS uses Contiuous Filament Winding Technology

Nominal Diameters: 300mm-2800mm
PIPE LENGTH : Pipes are manufactured with the standard length 6,00 mtr up to 12,00 mtr and may be manufactured from 1,00 mtr untill 15,00 mtr depending on the permission from General Directorate of Highways.
PRESSURE CLASS: PN 1 bar-PN-40 bar
STIFFNESS CLASS : International standards require the GRP Pipe to be manufactured according to SN 2500 kN /m2 , SN 5000 kN /m2 , SN 10000 kN /m2 stiffness classes. Stiffness value may also be manufactured according to the project requirements upon request from the client.


GRP Pipe consist of three supporting layers. Each layer has its own characteristics and functions.
Inner Layer:
Inner layer is the liquid-contact  layer located in the very inner structure of the pipe. Special type of resin is used in this structure in order to resist the chemical compound conveyed through the pipe.
Middle Layer:
Durability to internal pressure and external loads are provided  this layer. Thickness of this layer is defined to the pipe in order to withstand the internal pressure and external loads to the pipe. In this layer, roving glass fibre, chopped glass fibre, resin and silica sand are used.
Outer layer:
In order to protect the pipe from outer influence, at least 2 mm layer resin and glass fibre is used in this layer. If UV protection is requested, additives may be used during manufacturing.

GRP Couplings

In order to couple two pipes together, GRP Couplings are used. GRP couplings are manufactured from GRP pipe. Inside the couplings, groove profiles are manufactured by diamond glass cutting machinery. Inside this nests, rubber gaskets are placed into the groove profiles to prevent any leakage.
GRP Fittings and Special Pieces
A variety of fittings and accessories used in network connections are manufactured from GRP Pipe by cutting the pipe into proper measures with accurate angles if necessary. Short GRP Pipes are connected properly by hand layup method with glass fiber and resin. Molds are used if necessary. It is possible to produce a variety of GRP Fittings and accessories upon the requirements of the project and/ or if requested by the client.
Areas of Use
• Drinking water networks and water distribution pipelines
• Irrigation networks and drainage applications
• Sewerage projects network, collector lines
• Sewerage projects force mains
• Pressure pipelines for hydroelectric power stations
• Storm water drainage
• Cooling water supply and discharge in power stations
• Conveyance of liquids with chemical substance composition
• Re-lining applications
• Removal of industrial wastes
• Conveyance of geothermal water
• Reservoir for chemical plants and drinking water
• Sea discharge lines applications
Isophtalic, orthophtalic polyester resin, E/ECR glass fibre, silica sand etc.